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In this ever changing world, technology and current events continue to shape our future. Things like Viruses, Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition Technology can potentially threaten the Freedom and Privacy of everyone. Can a One World Government be the answer we’re looking for, or are Micro-Nations a more viable solution for the prosperity and well being of all people around the World? 

 A Micronation is typically established by one or more persons as a Declaration of Independence or Sovereignty from their host country, but what is Sovereignty? Merriam-Webster defines Sovereignty as:  A.) Supreme power especially over a “body politic”,   B.) Freedom from external control: Autonomy. Wikipedia describes Sovereignty as: The full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside bodies.

Many of the Micronations around the world are established by individuals who have either lost confidence in their Government or feel that they can Govern themselves more efficiently. In many parts of the world this idea of Sovereignty is difficult to understand, governing yourself through personal responsibility? It wasn’t until the Constitution and Bill Of Rights that the average man was given Sovereignty. Before The Declaration of Independence in America, sovereignty was only designated for Royalty and Kingdoms.

Men have always been subject to another’s Rule, until the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which guarantee you the same rights as a King under God, in the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Throughout the World however these Rights do not exist, basic human rights in many parts of the world are either violated or taken advantage of by the Ruling classes to maintain wealth and power. Since many individuals believe they can Govern themselves more effectively, Micronations are continuing to appear in every part of the World.

For centuries Micronations have evolved from simple ideas into complex societies, The Knights of Malta started in 1099 A.D. as an Order for protecting Religion and less fortunate people. Originally known as The Order of Malta, it declared Sovereignty in 1753 and is known as the smallest Sovereign State in the World. They have a seat in the United Nations which is the kind of recognition that all Micronations wish to have.

One of the more well known Micronations called Sealand started a new wave of declaring Independence when Paddy Roy Bates seized a Pirate Radio platform in 1967. The Pirate Radio Station occupied a small abandoned Military platform off the coast of England. These platforms were built along the coast during World War 2 to defend against German air raids.  In 1975 Bates attempted to establish a Nation-State by creating a Constitution, currency and passports. Sealands Prime Minister Alexander Achenbach took over the Platform in 1978 by force. After a disagreement between Bates and Achenbach about the future of Sealand, Achenbach with the help of German and Dutch mercenaries stormed the platform and successfully seized it. Roy’s son Michael Bates was able to retake Sealand using weapons that were hidden in the platform. Achenbach was charged with treason and fined $35,000 for his crimes against Sealand. Germany sent a diplomat from the London Embassy to negotiate the release of Achenbach and as a result of this negotiation, Sealand claims that this is what gives them recognition as a Nation. Unfortunately it was not enough to give Sealand the recognition of a sovereignty. In 1994, the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea states that: Artificial Islands, Installations and Structures do not possess the status of Islands.  

Down in Western Australia, the Principality of Hutt River was founded in 1970 by Leonard Casley. As a farmer, Casley had disputes with the Australian Government over Wheat production quotas. Leonard produced over 9900 acres of wheat but the wheat production quotas only allowed him to sell 99 acres worth of wheat. After losing many courtroom battles against the Australian Government he decided to sue the Governor of Western Australia for $52 Million. At this point, bills were being introduced into Parliament which would further regulate wheat production. So on April 21, 1970 Leonard Casley declared his Farm of 29 square miles to be the Independent Principality of Hutt River. After ruling for 45 years as Prince Leonard, he passed the crown down to his youngest son Prince Graeme. Through many decades of disputes with Australia and even correspondence with the Queen of England, the Principality of Hutt River continues on to this day.

On the other side of Australia in New South Wales, Atlantium continues grow its population and Territories. Established in 1981 by a group of teenagers in the backyard of a Sydney suburb, it lasted until 1990 when the members graduated from college and parted ways. In 1999 Emperor “George II” Cruickshank, the original head of state revived Atlantium in his Sydney apartment and created a website which he said was instrumental in attracting new members. Atlantium has many territories within Australia and they support some interesting and controversial causes such as Unrestricted International Freedom of Movement, Abortion and even Assisted Suicide. But with over 3,000 Citizens, their population consists of mostly internet users who can only visit Atlantium.

Internet Sovereignty is more the norm in this new Tech Age where many people spend most of their time living in the Digital Dimension instead of our physical reality. Many people look to these Internet based Micronations as an opportunity to escape from their countries and start a new life. They will apply for Citizenship thinking that the Micronation is a physical Country in which they can relocate to.

In other situations like in Liberland, a group of businessmen saw unoccupied land as an opportunity to create a Tax Free Economic Zone. The group claimed an island that is in disputed land between Croatia and Serbia. Liberland says the territory was unclaimed by either country and therefore is theirs to claim. Croatia originally designated the land as belonging to Serbia who does not wish to claim the land, so now Croatia is preventing Liberland from occupying the island. Liberland continues to raise funds to develop the territory as well as appealing their case to the International Community looking for recognition.

The only “Country” who has established diplomatic ties with Liberland is Somaliland. The International Community does not recognize Somaliland as a nation but instead as an Autonomous Region of Somalia. As a Self Declared State since 1991, it was originally established as British Somaliland in 1884. In June of 1960 the State of Somaliland declared it’s Independence, but one month later in July they United with Somalia. Civil War erupted in Somalia at the end of the 80’s which caused problems for the Territory of Somaliland and eventually led them to Declare Independence in 1991. Since then Somaliland has developed into a Democratic State worthy of International recognition. The problem is, when a country gives up their Sovereignty and merges with another country. They give up their Sovereignty forever and the international community can no longer recognize them as being independent. A similar case would be if Texas or California  tried to Secede from the United States, they had Independence but they gave it away.

So now Somaliland, like many other Micronations they continue to seek Recognition as a Sovereignty. From the first World countries to the third World one thing is for sure, people in all walks of life are looking for something more. More Freedoms, more Privacy, Safety, better opportunities and of course less Taxes. And so I ask you again, with people everywhere wanting less Government Bureaucracy and more Recognition. Is a One World Government the answer? Or, are Micronations a more logical way for people to pursue their Life, Liberty and Happiness.

“The only bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain it’s sovereign control over the government”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


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