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Who is Forgiato Blow?


(US – America Pioneer) The 2020 Presidential Election is only three months away and this year has proved to be one for the record books. From the COVID-19 lock downs to the George Floyd protests, Rioters and Antifa have caused continuous civil unrest in our cities. “CHAZ” the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle and now in Portland, we see local governments giving in to the violent takeover of their cities as they justify and support the cause.  America is on a roller coaster ride heading into the election, everything is politically motivated and Americans are being divided in every possible way. 

During these times, we as a society should be coming together to discuss what we expect from our leaders and who would be the best representative of America. Unfortunately discussing politics has become a sort of hostile environment where conservatives are attacked for their beliefs. One Florida Rapper by the name of Forgiato Blow hit the Top Ten Billboard charts with his song “Four more Years” which is dedicated to the re-election of Trump. 

We got a chance to catch up with  Forgiato Blow to ask him what it’s been like to come up in the music business as a Trump supporter.
Here’s what he had to say..

I asked him what it feels like to be in the top ten billboard charts, he said.

“It feels great to see the hustle finally paying off, I been at it for a minute now. Thanks again to all my fans and supporters who have been by my side through this journey”.

Success comes with having haters, but what has it been like for you to be an open Trump supporter?

“I’m built for the hate, it just makes me stronger. I been behind Trump since day one and I actually get a lot of respect for that. If they ain’t hating then you’re not relevant these days”.

I was curious if his community in Florida was supportive about his views. He said that relationships have been lost and many doors have been shut in his face, but that a lot more doors have opened up because of his support for the President.

How do you feel about the current situation with Police brutality in America?

“Back the Blue Period. Being a Police Officer is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Not all cops are bad just like not all humans are perfect. I couldn’t imagine the world without the police”

Knowing that Forgiato Blow has facial tattoos, I asked if he had ever been affected by police profiling.

“Honestly I don’t have many problems with the police, when I get pulled over I’m respectful and understand that they’re just doing their job. Being covered in tattoos obviously puts me in the stereotype box but I don’t fall for the trap. Having respect goes a long way, many people truly don’t get that”

Were there any major obstacles that led you to become the man you are today?

“Being a white rapper can be difficult, I have to do something 10 times before it’s respected. I pride myself on my work ethic it’s 1 of 1”

I was curious about what message he might have for Americans that are struggling during these times. His answer was simple and to the point. If we come together, we can stop the hate.

Is there any constructive criticism that you would give to the President as a supporter?

“No, in order to back someone 100% you have to be there for the ups and downs. President Trump is doing a great job”

After getting through all of the tough political questions, I was most curious about what it was like to work with Rick Ross and Vanilla Ice on his first big hit “Vanilla Sprite”. He said that it was legendary, Rick Ross has been an idol for years and Vanilla Ice was like one of his brothers. 

“Vanilla Ice has given me an opportunity that is priceless “

I asked him if fame affected any of his relationships, or has it helped him grow as an individual.

“Fame is a gift and a curse, never forget the come up. My success has shown me a lot about people’s integrity and character. I’m blessed to have a great circle and group of friends around me. Support comes from the people you’d least expect”

I had seen videos of Forgiato Blow hanging out with Post Malone and I wondered if they had talked about collaborating on a song together. He said that they had an opportunity to hangout and talk about their come up. 

“Post Malone is a super cool and humble dude that gave me some great advice on the rap game”

If you could pick anyone in the world to collaborate with, who would it be?

“Kid Rock would be a dope collab, maybe we can get something in the works for the MAGA GANG in 2020”

A stimulating idea that I would like to see manifest. With the election coming up fast, maybe we can all help convince Kid Rock to step up and make some magic with Forgiato Blow for Trump 2020.

by Willie Barela with America Pioneer News



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